The Best Facial Moisturizer Can Improve Your Very Dry Skin if You Use The Right Ingredients Daily

Published: 27th June 2009
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If you're anything like me and many other people, you are constantly annoyed and frustrated with your very dry skin problem. However, consistent use of the very best facial moisturizer with the right ingredients can help improve your skins condition now and into the future.

Your very dry skin condition isn't likely to ever go away, it's the way you are. So, the best and most sensible way to help your face is to moisturize and hydrate it throughout the day, as often as necessary. Most people with very dry skin also have problems with their hands cracking and splitting. Therefore, they should get just as much attention as the face.

There are dozens of natural substances manufacturers use in their skin creams that are pretty effective. However, many of these creams are not as good as they should be. The ingredients are okay, but they are often ineffective because the manufacturer skimps on the amount of active ingredients he puts into the product to make more profit. Another thing many of them fail to do is combine products together so they work in synergy with each other to get the best result.

The best way to help your very dry skin problem is to get hold of the best facial moisturizer ingredients, then implement a daily plan and stick to it. You need at least 3 creams in your regime and you need to be conscientious.

You need an active day cream applied under your makeup to a nice clean skin. Use ingredients like natural vitamin E an antioxidant to reverse the effects of aging. Babassu to moisturize, it's very good for dry inflamed skin. Grapeseed oil a powerful antioxidant, which creates an invisible film to keep moisture in and is effective at repairing cells.

You need a heavier restorative night cream with special substances like shea butter an emollient and natural moisturizer to soften and soothe inflamed skin. Avocado oil can deeply hydrate and also stimulate collagen production. Active manuka honey an antioxidant to penetrate deeply to nourish and rejuvenate facial skin.

The third cream you only use every two weeks is a deep hydrating mask which includes macadamia oil capable of penetrating deeply to replenish oils and repair damaged skin. Allantoin to soothe and ease inflammation and restore damaged skin. Cetiol CC and Cetiol PLG emollients provide extra deep hydration.

As well as the above excellent substances included in the best facial moisturizer two other base ingredients are essential including Cynergy TK"(TM)" with functional keratin"(TM)" and Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 a special "nano-emulsion form of Coenzyme Q10 that help to moisturize. Both are also capable of stimulating collagen and elastin protein cells regrowth to help reduce your wrinkles.

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