Help Correct Your Aged Paper Thin Skin Problem With the Right Natural Anti-aging Skin Lotion

Published: 24th May 2010
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Should you be at all like me, you will feel extremely frustrated through continuously tearing and damaging your aged paper thin skin on the back of your arms and hands in particular.

I can really sympathize with men and women struggling with skin conditions similar to psoriasis and eczema, the persistent soreness and itching never seems to go away completely. Let alone the fortune it costs trying to get rid of these conditions with doctor prescribed skin products.

Well trying to cope with aged paper thin skin is probably just as annoying. The back of my hands had just about healed from showing the last lot of red blood blotches under the skin, and then yesterday I damaged them yet again.

What annoyed me the most is I had taken the proper precautions by wearing thick gardening gloves whilst cutting the hedge with a trimmer. When I had finished I took my gloves off and there was a big rip on the back of my right hand covered in blood. I didn't even feel it happen. Now I have another ugly red blotch to look at for another 7 days or so.

Two weeks ago when seeing my dermatologist about removing a small skin cancer on my face I asked him as a matter of interest if there was anything I could do about my aging paper-thin skin. He just looked at me, grinned and didn't even offer an answer. I took that as a no.

I'm not suggesting for one moment using an anti-aging cream will completely resolve your thin skin issues. However after using one particular brand of natural anti-aging cream for over a year now, I know for sure it has helped to improve, toughen up and elasticize the back of my hands considerably.

What I've found is that it takes maybe just over a week for the blood under the skin to dissipate, whereas before using this cream it often took two weeks or more for the blood build up and damage to completely disappear.

You don't have to put up with and suffer from your aged paper thin skin problems to the extent you probably do now.

There is no magic cure; therefore you will have to live with this problem. However that said you could make it a lot easier to cope with your thin skin problem better. By using anti aging creams containing collagen and elastin protein building ingredients, which increase your skins strength and elasticity.

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